What happened?
All your documents, databases, backups, and other critical files were encrypted.
Our software used the AES cryptographic algorithm (you can find related information in Wikipedia).

It happened because of security problems on your server, and you cannot use any of these files anymore. The only way to recover your data is to buy a decryption key from us.

To do this, please send your unique ID to the contacts below.
Unique ID:
Right after payment, we will send you a specific decoding software that will decrypt all of your files. If you have not received the response within 24 hours, please contact us by e-mail .
During a short period, you can buy a decryption key with a
50% discount
--:--:-- left
The price depends on how soon you will contact us.
All your files will be deleted permanently in:
  • ! Do not try to recover files yourself. this process can damage your data and recovery will become impossible.
  • ! Do not waste time trying to find the solution on the Internet. The longer you wait, the higher will become the decryption key price.
  • ! Do not contact any intermediaries. They will buy the key from us and sell it to you at a higher price.
What guarantees do you have?
Before payment, we can decrypt three files for free. The total file size should be less than 5MB (before archiving), and the files should not contain any important information (databases, backups, large tables, etc.)